I'm SEO Portsmouth an SEO Coach

What is I'm SEO

This is a bit of a test website for WTF SEO serving three purposes; firstly to rank for Portsmouth SEO Coach; secondly to rank for SEO Portsmouth and lastly to show how easy it is to rank for local terms.

Hopefully this test will also show that SEO is not all about links and a plethora of content with forced keywords; it will show that both coding and writing the content in the correct manner helps.

To achieve this I am going to start with around 150-250 words per page; though expect to have to increase this to between 300 and 1,000 words at some point. I want the site to be minimalistic and so will widen the page size should I have write too much content in order to achieve my goals.

How I'm SEO will work

The site will now be split into two distinct sections; one will show how I got this page to rank for a term that a lot of local SEO's would like to rank for; in other words SEO Portsmouth and the other section will be like a course that anyone can follow to help them rank for local terms.

Changing the SEO as I Go to rank for Portsmouth Based Terms

OK; I started off with only a few words on this page; if I remember correctly it was actually around 200 words and the page did move up the search engines. I added more words; around another 150 or so and it started to move higher.

The reason for this is more than likely associated with the fact that the term SEO Portsmouth is harder to rank for than terms where I might add the word Coach and as such the page may need more content to entice Google et al. So now my aim is to increase the content by a few hundred words.

To do this I have written these three paragraphs that relate to the one that is directly below; they are on track to some extent as they mention Portsmouth as well as SEO; notice not always together.

One area where a lot of people go wrong when trying to rank for sopmething is by trying to force keywords into the content. When they do this, the content does not always read well. As Hummingbird develops; Hummingbird is Google's latest algorithm; it will be able to determine forced content from that, that is well written. So as you can see I have not mentioned my keywords such as Coach, Portsmouth and SEO too often.

Adding Schema

I have started to add some Schema to this page as I want to tell Google that the local area I want to rank for is Portsmouth. This; the addion of schema; is not totally necessary right now; however; trust me, one day it will be. In saying that, I can prove it does work when people search for certain keywords in certain towns and cities. The proof is on another test website of mine.

Final Thoughts

This last paragraph is here just to pad out the page; after all I don't want too little content on it; nor do I want or need it to be too keyword rich; but more about that later. Before I forget; I have now added an xml sitemap and a robots txt file!